School Fees


Parents are requested to follow the following guidelines:
  • Parents are requested to draw a crossed cheque in favour of 'Rosary Church School, Delhi - 9' for the amount printed in fee booklet and attach it with the school copy and the same is to be dropped in 'Fee collection box' kept in the School's office and at the School's Main Gate.
  • Fee Cheque along with school's copy is to be dropped at the above mentioned places during school hours, on all working days of fee collection as indicated in the fee booklet. Crossed cheque along with school copy can also be dropped in the box kept at the main gate till 8.00 P.M., on the days of fee collection as indicated in the fee booklet.
  • Students may also drop their Fee Cheque along with the School's copy, during the lunch break only.
    Parents are requested not to visit the Bank for Fee Deposit.
  • Parents requiring certificate of tuition fees paid, for income tax purposes, can apply for the same, after paying the 3rd term fees.
  • School Fee is payable only by crossed Cheque in favor of 'Rosary Church School, Delhi- 9'. Please mention the Name, Class, Sec and Admission No. of the child very clearly at the back side of the cheque. For each term please issue one cheque per child.
  • Please check the followinq before dropping the Fee cheque in the drop box:
    1. Amount in words and figure do not differ.
    2. Signature is put at the right place.
    3. Overwriting and cutting is strictly not allowed in a cheque.
    4. Sufficient fund is maintained in the account from which the cheque is to be drawn.
    5. Cheque is not post-dated.
  • A dishonored cheque shall make the student liable to dismissal from the school. However a fine of Rs. 500/- will be charged as process in 9 fee for every dishonoured cheque.
  • One month's notice is required for the refund of caution money.
  • Payment at the time of admission is to be made by draft only.
  • Processing charge of Rs. 100/- will be charged for issue of duplicate fee booklet.
  • One month's advance notice is required for leaving the School/discontinuing the Bus facility, else one month's fee will be charged.

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